2013 - Implementation Science: Closing the Gap Between Innovation and Practice

January 8, 2013 | UC Davis Conference Center & Alumni Center

Symposium Documents

I. Symposium Program

II. Table Talk Discussions

III. Workshop Presentations

  1. Leadership in Evidence-Based Practice Implementation | Greg Aarons, Ph.D.
  2. Key Steps in Implementing an EBP: Exploration and Preparation | Jennifer Rolls Reutz, M.P.H., and John Landsverk, Ph.D.
  3. Community Development Team: Building Organizational Infrastructure to Help Support Implementation | Lynne Marsenich, LCSW, and Todd Sosna, Ph.D.
  4. A Community Corrections Journey Toward Effective Practice: Blending Community Corrections Research Principles with Implementation Science | Robert Edmisten
  5. Social Networks and Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices | Lawrence A. Palinkas, Ph.D.
  6. Implementation Science as a Guide to Design and Operation of a Professional Development System | Dean Fixsen, Ph.D.,  and Norm Gold, Ed.D.,  Erin Vidal, and Yee Wan, Ed.D
    1. PowerPoint Presentation
    2. Implementation Science Brochure - Design and Operation of a Professional Development System
  7. Implementation Tools and Practices to Support Student Success in a Large School District - ATrainer of Trainers Approach | Virginia Davis, M.A., and Sara McClellan, Ph.D.
  8. Re-purposing an EBP: Adapting and Implementing the Multifamily Group Program | Alex Kopelowicz, M.D., and Thomas E. Backer, Ph.D.
    1. PowerPoint presentation
    2. Handout 1
    3. Handout 2
    4. Handout 3

IV. Facilitated Discussions by Discipline