2015 National Human Services Training Evaluation Symposium

The 18th Annual National Human Services Training Evaluation Symposium was held May 26–29, 2015, on the campus of the University of Utah. The symposium theme was Evaluating the Spectrum of Professional Development in Human Services: What works?


Tuesday, May 26
Wednesday, May 27
Thursday, May 28
Friday, May 29

Tuesday, May 26
6:00–8:00 pm

Pre-Conference Reception

Wednesday, May 27
9:00–9:15 am

Convene, Welcome, Introduction to the Pre-Symposium Institute
Norma Harris, Ph.D., Director, Social Research Institute, University of Utah

9:15 am–Noon

After the Coffee's Cold: Evaluating Transfer of Learning in Human Services
Article One | Article Two | Bibliography 
Dale Curry, Ph.D., Professor, Kent State University

1:00–2:30 pm

Riding the Waves of Change: Or in your case, evaluating the impact of change
Charles Wilson, M.S.S.W., Senior Director, Chadwick Center for Children and Families

2:45–4:00 pm

Scaling Up Program Evaluation: How to Use Technology to Provide Real Time Feedback
Mike Tanana, Matt Davis, Mindy Vanderloo, and Kristen West, University of Utah

Thursday, May 28
9:00–9:15 am

Convene, Welcome, Introduction
Norma Harris, Ph.D., 
Director, Social Research Institute, University of Utah

9:15–10:00 am

Service Users' Perspectives of Child Welfare Services: A Systemative Review Using the Practice Model as a Guide
Brad Lundahl, Chad McDonald, David Wood, and Mindy Vanderloom, University of Utah

10:15 am–12:30 pm 

Beyond 70%: An Introduction to Standard Setting
Handout One | Handout Two
Cindy Parry, Sandhya Rao Hermon, and Tenia Davis, CalSWEC

1:30–3:00 pm 

Simulation Training in Public Child Welfare: An Approach to Evaluation
Robert Blagg and Todd Franke, University of California, Los Angeles

3:15–4:30 pm 

Sector Learning Lead
Handout One
Gordon Main

Friday, May 29
9:00–10:15 am

Providing Child Support Enforcement Workers with the Right Training at the Right Time
Diana Pehlic Samardzic,  Penn State University 

10:30–11:15 am 

Cross-Site Evaluation of Children's Bureau Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA) Services: Implications for State Child Welfare Training Systems
James DeSantis, Anita Barbee, and Janet Griffith