2nd Statewide Leadership Convening of Child Welfare/Mental Health Learning Collaborative

"Advancing Implementation of Pathways to Well-Being: Integration and Sharing to Improve Outcomes"

August 21, 2014 | 10:00 am–4:00 pm, Doubletree Hotel, Sacramento


10:00–10:15 am


  • Barrett Johnson, Director,  In-Service Training, California Social Work Education Center
  • Dina Kokkos-Gonzales, Chief, Program Policy and Quality Assurance Branch, Department of Health Care Services
  • Will Lightbourne, Director, California Department of Social Services
  • Kimberly Mayer, Associate Director, California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions (formerly CiMH)

10:20–11:45 am

5 LeadershipTracks: Interactive Breakout Sessions

Track 1—Policy: Implementation of Intensive Care Coordination (ICC) and Intensive Home Based Services (IHBS) Challenges to Implementation and Sample Solutions

Track 2—Collaboration: Models of Successful Collaboration

  • Judith Lefler, Assistant Director, Bay Area Academy, Facilitator
  • Jennifer, Cannell, Regional Manager, Bay Area Academy, Facilitator
  • Jennifer J. Tuipolotu, Family Services Coordinator, Contra Costa County Behavioral Health Services
  • Mary Lopez, Parent Partner, Contra Costa County Children and Family Services
  • Richard Knecht, Director, Children's System of Care, Placer County Health and Human Services
  • Sandy Marsh, MFCC, Program Manager, Contra Costa County Behavioral Health Services
  • Nicole Thigpen, M.S., SWII, Contra Costa County Children and Family Services 
    Handout: Integrated Care in Placer County

Track 3—Teaming: Promoting and Implementing Successful Family Teams: Peer Learning

Track 4—Screening and Assessment: Implementing Screening and Assessment Practices in Your County

  • John Landsverk, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Oregon Social Learning Center, Facilitator
  • Natalie Bolin, LCSW, Manager, Tulare County Child Welfare Services,
  • Brent Crandal, Ph.D., Grant Psychologist, California Screening, Assessment, and Treatment (CSAT) Initiative
  • Nathaniel Israel, Ph.D., Policy Fellow, Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago
  • Jesse Russell, Ph.D., Director of Research, National Center on Crime and Delinquency and the Children's Research Center
  • Dorian Traube, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Southern California School of Social Work

Track 5—Strategic Planning: Strategic Planning and the Importance of Collaboration in the Implementation of Pathways to Well-Being (Katie A.)

11:45 am–1:30 pm

Working Lunch: Keynote Presentation & DiscussionChild and Family Teams: Widening the Circle

  • Dr. Joan Pennell, Professor of Social Work and Director of the Center for Family & Community Engagment Center, North Carolina State University

1:30–3:00 pm

5 Leadership Tracks: Interactive Breakout Sessions—REPEAT of morning sessions

3:00–3:15 pm


3:15–4:00 pm

Highlights from the 5 Leadership Tracks