Advanced Training and Organizational Development Resources

These advanced training and organizational development resources are intended to assist training organizations, trainers, social service agencies, supervisors, and others to provide training on specific practices, new laws, and policy changes. The organizational development resources support implementation of new practices. 

The training resources are divided into the following groups:

Advanced Curricula for Use by Trainers

These resources provide one- or two-day training curricula with trainer’s guides, trainee content, and PowerPoint presentations. Topics include After 18 (AB 12), Concurrent Planning, Working with African American Fathers, Confidentiality, and Linkages.

Brief Training Resources

These resources provide one- or two-hour training tools for supervisors or others to use in a short, focused meeting or training. Topics include Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standards, Gomez vs. Saenz, Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, and Health and Education Passports. 

Other Resources

These resources are links to other training sites, a resource library, and a child welfare primer.

Organizational Development Resources

These are links to a set of Implementation Toolkits and resources about mentoring and field training. The Implementation Toolkits assist agencies to create infrastructure for new interventions or programs for several key areas of child welfare practice.