AIR Program Is Now SERVE: Indigenous Community Social Workers for Change

SERVE: Indigenous Community Social Workers for Change is the new name for the former American Indian Recruitment (AIR) Program. The change resulted from the desire of community, university, county, and Tribal partners to have a name that better reflected the scope of the program’s new focus.

SERVE’s goals are to:

  1. focus on decolonizing the social work curriculum and pedagogy,
  2. create a more relevant program for Indigenous students by better understanding the history and needs of Indigenous populations, and
  3. strive to shape child welfare services to better serve Indigenous children and families.  

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The AIR Program underwent a major restructuring during academic year 2011–2012, resulting in a regional model of program delivery.  As a result of the restructuring, a need was identified to clarify a scope of work for the program and the AIR project coordinators that was reasonable and responsive to the populations the program serves. In August 2012, AIR convened a group of stakeholders in Berkeley from universities, Tribes, Indigenous organizations, and counties across the state for a strategic planning meeting to address these issues.

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