Board Meeting Briefs

The following are summaries of highlights of the CalSWEC Board of Directors meeting of May 4, 2012.

New Officers Announced for 2012–2014
The board offered congratulations to CalSWEC’s newly elected officers for 2012–2014. They are  President Celeste Jones, director of the School of Social Work at California State University, Chico, and Vice-President Scott Gruendl, director of the Glenn County Health Services Agency  (both pictured at right), along with Secretary Amy Levin, chair of the Department of Social Work at California State University, Northridge, and Treasurer Dan Souza, chair of the Adult System of Care Committee for the California Mental Health Directors Association. Marv Southard, director of  Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, will serve as immediate past president on the Executive Committee.

President-elect Jones asked all CalSWEC board members who wish to serve as chairs and vice chairs of board committees to contact her before August 1. Appointments for the two-year terms will be made prior to the September board and committee meetings.

Members Leave, Others Join Board
CalSWEC’s Board of Directors said thank you and bid farewell to Dr. Jane Middleton, chair of  the Department of Social Work Education at California State University, Fresno, for her years of service and leadership on the board.

Contra Costa County Employment and Human Services Department Director Joe Valentine also left the board, having accepted a new position in Washington state. The board extended its good wishes to Dr. Middleton for much happiness in her retirement and to Mr. Valentine as he begins his new job.

New board members Lori Jones, Alameda County Social Services Agency director, and Meloney Roy, Ventura County Mental Health director, were welcomed to their first board meeting.

Social Work Profession Considered Vital to Affordable Care Act Implementation
The California Health Workforce Development Council has identified social work as a primary profession needed to provide services for California’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and adopted an Action Plan Matrix.

The California Association of Deans and Directors (CADD) and CalSWEC announced plans to review the recently issued federal Health Resources and Services Administration solicitation for support of social workers related to the ACA. Several schools in the CalSWEC consortium have expressed  their intent to submit applications focusing on the needs identified in the Action Plan Matrix

CalSWEC’s board expressed its appreciation to David Cherin for representing the CADD and CalSWEC at many council meetings.

Upcoming Meeting
The next board meeting will be held September 21 in Sacramento. Board committee meetings will be held September 20.