California Common Core Curricula

The California Common Core Curricula is the result of a multi-year statewide collaborative effort to develop standardized curricula for California’s newly hired child welfare supervisors and child welfare workers. Development and implementation of the Common Core Curricula was mandated by California’s Program Improvement Plan (PIP) as part of the 2003 federal Child and Family Services Review (CFSR).

About the California Common Core

The California Common Core Curricula is publicly available as a resource to the child welfare field in California and beyond. Here you will find information on the background and development of the Common Core, including guidelines on use and citation, and templates to develop similar curricula.

Common Core Curricula for Child Welfare Workers

The Common Core for Child Welfare Workers was initially developed in fiscal year 2004–2005 by the Statewide Training and Education Committee (STEC), marking the first implementation of new worker training that was standardized for the entire state. The Common Core is systematically evaluated and revised on an ongoing basis.

California just went through a large scale revision process and is implementing Common Core 3.0. Content was developed around key practice areas: Foundational, Engagement, Assessment, Case Planning and Service Delivery, Monitoring and Adapting, and Transitions. Additionally, content is delivered utilizing multiple modalities to support the new worker in gaining knowledge, practicing skills, and transfer of learning. Here you will find the latest version of the Common Core online, classroom, field-based learning, and knowledge and skills reinforcement labs. 

Common Core for Supervisors

The Common Core for Supervisors consists of six topic areas: (1) Casework Supervision, (2) Child Welfare Policy and Practice, (3) Evidence-Based Practice, (4) Fiscal Essentials, (5) Educational Supervision, and (6) Managing for Results. The curriculum series is delivered statewide by CalSWEC's in-service training partners. New supervisors are required to complete all six modules within the first year of hire or promotion.

Transfer of Learning (TOL) Resources

These tools are designed to support transfer of knowledge and skills into the workplace. Topic-specific transfer of learning (TOL) tools are provided with each topic of the Common Core for Child Welfare Workers. Several multi-topic tools for the entire Common Core are listed here.

Training Evaluation Materials

CalSWEC and our in-service training partners collaborate to systematically evaluate the effectiveness of the Common Core. General information on the process and results of the Common Core Evaluation is found under Evaluation, Research and Implementation. This page links to a private site for training evaluators.

Trainer Development

As part of the implementation preparation for Common Core 3.0, trainers are expected to participate in the following training-for-trainer opportunities hosted by Regional Training Academies. For more information on trainer development preparation for Common Core 3.0, please contact your Regional Training Academy for more information about dates, time, locations, and registration.