CalSWEC Awarded UNICEF Grant to Analyze Thai Social Work Systems

CalSWEC, together with the faculty of Social Administration at Thammasat University in Thailand, has been awarded a UNICEF contract for the project “Situational Analysis of Social Work in Thailand.”

“CalSWEC’s participation reflects the high regard international authorities have for the work and expertise of our professional staff,” said CalSWEC Executive Director Rodger Lum. “We are pleased that we can partner with Thai officials in addressing UNICEF’s commitment to improving social work practice and systems in Thailand.”

The project involves the appraisal of social work systems in Thailand through a systematic review of existing strategies, resources, and evidence-based practice. The project will also provide recommendations on how to enhance systems, including increasing the capacity and professionalization of Thai social workers and promoting social work policies to benefit various populations of need.

Role of CalSWEC
CalSWEC's primary role in the nine-month project will be to provide technical assistance to the team at Thammasat University.

CalSWEC’s team will be composed of Jeffrey Edleson, Berkeley Social Welfare Dean; Melissa Connelly, Child Welfare In-Service Training Project Director; Chris Mathias, immediate past Director of the Title IV-E Child Welfare Stipend Program and current Assistant Director of the Bay Area Academy; and Sandhya Rao Hermón, Director of Research and Evaluation.