CalSWEC Board Approves 5-Year Strategic Plan

Development of Work Plan Is the Next Step

“CalSWEC facilitates and supports statewide partnerships
 for the education and training of social workers 
to ensure culturally responsive, effective, and high-quality
health and social service delivery to the people of California.”

This new mission statement of CalSWEC affirms the organization’s emphasis on partnerships in social work education and training, while focusing on the role of social work professionals across a broader continuum of services.

It is one product of the organization’s strategic planning process, which resulted in CalSWEC’s five-year Strategic Plan, approved by its Board of Directors at their February 4 meeting.

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“Now, the work begins on our actual Work Plan,” Executive Director Rodger Lum announced, “The detailed Work Plan will include recommendations from the stakeholder input process, Board committees, and extensive staff input on priorities, objectives, task assignments, and timeframes within the five-year period. Given the many initiatives that CalSWEC could pursue, staff will focus on high -priority areas that further our organization’s mission.”

Organizationally, the Strategic Plan calls for less frequent meetings of the Board of Directors and its committees; restructuring of CalSWEC Central’s staff operations as a means to reduce silos among its core initiatives of Child Welfare, Mental Health, and Aging; and increasing funding of the executive directorship to a full-time position.

Looking ahead, the plan describes how CalSWEC could leverage its expertise to fulfill the demand for mental health training and education by including a broader focus on behavioral health care. Similarly, the plan looks at how CalSWEC could be involved in the development of a social work workforce to meet the growing needs of older Americans and the acquisition of funding for this.

Additionally, the Strategic Plan includes ideas for new initiatives and programs, as well as plans for the growth of existing ones, of which identifying funding opportunities is crucial.

The Strategic Plan is the result of a comprehensive process that CalSWEC began in April 2014 with extensive discovery activities; input from CalSWEC’s statewide stakeholders, consortium partners, and Central staff was obtained in a variety of means. This was followed by the synthesis, integration, and analysis of the data and comments.

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CalSWEC, which last produced a strategic plan in 2009, was supported in the most recent strategic planning process by a $75,000 grant from the Zellerbach Family Foundation and the Kiely Group, a private consulting firm, which assisted in conducting the stakeholder input process and preparing the initial draft of findings.