CalSWEC Grads Find Some Success in Job Hunt

The 2012 graduates of CalSWEC’s Title IV-E Stipend Program and Mental Health Program (MHP) are finding some success in securing employment.

Approximately six months since graduation, the proportion of IV-E and MHP graduates working is comparable to last year’s for the same time period:

  • 64% of MHP grads
  • 74% of IV-E MSW grads
  • 40% of IV-E BASW grads

View or download the hiring statisics for these graduates.

Meanwhile, the state's 21 participating universities are educating the next class of social work students:

  • the MHP’s 2012–2013 cohort of 196 students is due to graduate in spring;
  • the Title IV-E’s MSW program currently has 734 students, 363 of whom are due to graduate in  spring; and
  • the Title IV-E's BASW program has 51 students who will  graduate in spring. 

For the 2013 IV-E grads, the hiring outlook is brightening, as many county child welfare agencies are hiring after the dry spell brought on by the state’s economic crisis. Counties whose budgets were previously on hold or frozen are reporting that with realignment and the state’s improved economic situation, they will begin to fill many positions which were previously left vacant. For example, according to January 2013 data, Riverside County is in the process of hiring 50–70 new social workers.