CalSWEC to Initiate Strategic Planning Process

CalSWEC is preparing to undertake a strategic planning process for the organization—a task it last engaged in four years ago.

At its September meeting, CalSWEC’s Board of Directors reviewed the organization’s accomplishments over the past five years and what it might improve, possible trends/policy directions it should focus on in the future, and possible outcomes it should work to achieve within the next five years.

A planning group will be formed to develop the process for soliciting input for the plan before CalSWEC’s board meets next February and May.

Areas of Concentration
The Board of Directors determined that CalSWEC will continue to focus on five areas:

  1. Partnership and Collaboration and Coordination
  2. Develop, Professionalize, and Retain Workforce
  3. Evaluation of CalSWEC Programs
  4. Evaluation, Implementation, and Dissemination of Best and Evidence-Based Practices
  5. Fund and Resource Development

Additionally, CalSWEC will consider areas of strategic and programmatic imperatives, such as health care reform, and new service delivery structures.

For more information: 

John Cullen, Executive Director