CalSWEC to Launch Rural Stipend Program in Fall 2014

Attracting social workers to and retaining them in positions in rural, remote counties historically have presented a special challenge to those locations that are not close to a university or a metropolitan area.

However, a new CalSWEC program may help mitigate this problem. Beginning in fall 2014, CalSWEC will offer the Rural Stipend Program (RSP) specifically for MSW students who plan to work in those locations. They will receive an augmentation to their stipends to help cover the extra travel required to be in the program. 


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the Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Program and the Mental Health Program.


The purpose of the RSP is to recruit and, more importantly, retain social workers in those rural, remote areas, said CalSWEC Workforce Development Coordinator Donna Thoreson. “Ideally the program would encourage a ‘grow your own’ sensibility, identifying people who are already living or working in the areas who are looking for a career opportunity.”

The careful recruitment, screening, and selection of the RSP candidates will be key to social worker retention in those rural, remote locations, according to Ms. Thoreson.

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Donna Thoreson, Workforce Development Coordinator,