CalSWEC Releases New Curriculum Competencies

Partner Schools Expected to Begin Implementation in Fall 2018

August 9, 2017

The 2017 CalSWEC Curriculum Competencies for Public Child Welfare, Behavioral Health, and Aging in California are being disseminated this summer for implementation by the Title IV-E and Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Stipend Program schools.

The competencies are intended for use by the CalSWEC consortium schools to support the preparation of stipend recipients in child welfare, integrated behavioral health, and aging for work in their respective fields.

Download the 2017 CalSWEC Curriculum Competencies

The 2017 version, which reflects a comprehensive revision and reorganization aligned with the Council on Social Work Education’s (CSWE’s) Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS), is the result of two years of extensive review and input, including a final public comment period that ended April 9.

“Thank you to the many collaborators of this document,” said Project Manager Rose Chahla, adding, “It was truly a group effort.”

Read more about the inclusive revision process

Wide Dissemination

Following this most recent revision, CalSWEC’s Integrated Behavioral Health and Title IV-E Stipend Programs will widely disseminate the competencies via email, its website, and its social media channels to their partner schools and associated project coordinators, principal investigators, and child welfare instructors. CalSWEC’s Board of Directors and Committees and the California Department of Social Services are among others that will also receive copies of the competencies.

Once the competencies are implemented, CalSWEC will also continue to gather information from participating schools on how they are being integrated and about student learning outcomes for evaluation purposes. 

Background and History

The CalSWEC Curriculum Competencies are periodically revised to reflect current developments in social work practice and education and serve as a model for collaborative curriculum development across the nation.

CalSWEC began the competencies revision process in January 2016 after CSWE in 2015 revised its EPAS for Baccalaureate and Master’s Social Work Programs by which it sets national standards for the identification and assessment of competencies in the education of social work students.

Prior to this latest revision, the MSW Curriculum Competencies for Public Child Welfare in California, Curriculum Competencies for Mental Health in California, and Curriculum Competencies Aging in California were revised in 2011; the BASW Curriculum Competencies for Public Child Welfare in California were revised in 2013.