Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: Raising Awareness

CalSWEC is tasked with supporting the state in its efforts to raise awareness among the child welfare community on the issue of Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC). To this end, it has convened the CSEC workgroup to support the training system in its development and ultimate roll-out of CSEC 101 training.

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Click to open the report on Ending the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: A Call for Multi-System Collaboration in California

Webinar on CSEC

To further raise awareness, the Research and Training Network (RTN) hosted a webinar on the issue of CSEC as part of its evidence-informed webinar series. The October 28 webinar was co-presented by the Academy for Professional Excellence (PCWTA) and CalSWEC to 123 participants (of 209 registrants). Presenters were PCWTA Research and Development Coordinator Karissa Hughes, PCWTA County Consultant Anzette Shackelford, and CalSWEC Training and Evaluation Specialist Tenia Davis.

Listen to the recording of the CSEC webinar.

The objectives of the webinar were to:

  • Define Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC);
  • Identify legal issues related to CSEC;
  • Identify common physical and behavioral indicators exhibited by children and youth who are experiencing commercial sexual exploitation;
  • Identify risk factors and warning signs related to commercial sexual exploitation of children;
  • Describe interpersonal dynamics that contribute to the victimization of young people by sex traffickers;
  • Describe the process of recruitment, indoctrination, exploiter tactics, and the role of cumulative trauma;
  • Identify key elements related to victims/survivors of commercial sexual exploitation (i.e., victims’ mindset, service needs, and well-being support); and
  • Highlight complex and multi-layered trauma as it relates to sexually exploited youth.

More Information about CSEC

The following resources provide research on and context for CSEC, especially in California:

CalSWEC has developed Serving Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) Toolkit

For more information, please contact:

Esmi Ramirez,, Training and Evaluation Analyst