Common Core 3.0 Assessment Block to Be Piloted in San Diego County

CalSWEC’s Regional Training Academy (RTA) Coordination team has been working in collaboration with the Regional Training Academies and the California Department of Social Services (CDSS ) to re-imagine the Common Core for New Child Welfare Workers.

CalSWEC is the lead on the development and delivery of the Common Core 3.0: Assessment Block. “We are excited that this block is packaged and will be piloted in San Diego County in April and May,” said Training and Curriculum Specialist Jennifer Cannell, who is leading the effort. 

Over the last few months, time has been dedicated to

  • curriculum development,
  • readiness,
  • receiving stakeholder feedback,
  • constructing e-learning modules, and
  • designing and developing evaluations. 

Additionally, trainers have been prepped, and logistics have been arranged with San Diego County. 

“The RTA team is looking forward to seeing how all this hard work translates into the learning and training experience for new child welfare workers,” said Ms. Cannell