Common Core 3.0 Project Gets Underway with Statewide Collaboration

Efforts to reconceptualize the California Common Core Curriculum—the standardized curricula for state’s newly hired child welfare supervisors and child welfare workers—are underway.

In 2005, CalSWEC, its In-Service Training Partners, and the counties began implementing the California Common Core Curriculum in response to the federal Child and Family Services Review Project. Since then, the curricula has been systematically updated and revised, but the structure and the topics have remained the same. 

Given the changes in the child welfare practice, however, CalSWEC is engaging its partners and stakeholders in the Common Core 3.0 project to look afresh at the existing Common Core. The California Department of Social Services (CDSS), CalSWEC, the counties, and other stakeholders will collaborate to develop a preliminary concept this fall. Over winter 2012–2013, a wide range of stakeholders will weigh in on the concept, after which curriculum development and evaluation planning will begin.