Current Students and Graduates

Integrated Behavioral Health Program stipend recipients graduate with knowledge, experience, and skills necessary to begin a professional social work career in agencies that provide recovery-oriented services to people with mental illness and/or substance use disorders and their families. Each stipend recipient signs a binding contract with requirements for academic studies and the first job following graduation in exchange for her or his stipend award.

Student Requirements (refer to contract for full list):

  • Complete and maintain satisfactory academic progress and performance in courses, training, seminars, field placements and other surveys or instruments designated by School to satisfy the requirements within one academic year.   
  • Disclose any previous or subsequent conviction of any crime.  Such conviction(s) may disqualify Student from field placement or employment in an eligible agency.  
  • As required by a field placement or employer, within the first semester or quarter of Program enrollment (placement), or in accordance with agency requirements (employers),  be pre-screened and fingerprinted and participate in the criminal clearance process.
  • Maintain a valid driver’s license and any insurance required by the field placement or employer.

 Graduate Requirements (refer to contract):

  • Seek, apply for, accept, and provide evidence of employment within 180 calendar days after the degree is conferred in a county public mental health agency, or a community-based organization under contract to a county public mental health agency, in a position at a level appropriate to a new MSW in behavioral health within the state of California.  
  • Full-time stipend recipients: render one calendar year of continuous and satisfactory full-time employment in a position at a level appropriate to a new MSW in behavioral health services.
  • Part-time stipend recipients:render six months of continuous and satisfactory full-time employment in a position at a level appropriate to a new MSW in behavioral health services.
  • The service obligation may be satisfied through full-time, part-time, paid or unpaid (volunteering) employment.  If an employment or volunteer position is part-time, the required length of the service obligation will be pro-rated accordingly. Part-time employment or volunteer work should be at least 20 hours per week.

Cash Repayment (refer to contract for full requirements):

  • Students and graduates who do not meet the terms of their contracts will be required to return all stipend funds received, in addition to interest on the unpaid balance, any attorney's fees and other charges related to collection.  Repayment may be in the form of a lump sum payment, or the recipient may request a rmonthly epayment plan to be established with the School or its fiscal agent at the School’s sole discretion.

Contract Change Requests (refer to contract for full requirements): 

  • If a student is not going to graduate by four months after the anticipated graduation date, the student may submit a request for contract extension to the School, which will submit the request to CalSWEC with a recommendation for action.  
  • If a graduate has made a good-faith effort but has not secured employment within 180 days of degree conferral, the graduate may submit a request for a contract modification in writing directly to CalSWEC to extend the job search period.