Curriculum Enhancements Are Responsive to Student, Faculty, and County Requests

“Strengths-Based Clinical Case Management: Moving Beyond Service Brokering to Care Collaboration” is the latest unit designed to enhance the Title IV-E curriculum. CalSWEC is previewing this unit in a series of mini symposia this summer and fall. Title IV-E faculty, project coordinators (PCs), field faculty and instructors, and county partners are encouraged to attend.

The development of the units is based on the requests of both MSW students and faculty for more clinically skilled content—content that does not anticipate clinical treatment by social workers but addresses issues of better child and family engagement, assessment, goal setting, and more sensitive tailoring of service referrals to address issues perceived as vital by clients. 

To accomplish this, the units are grounded in:

The first unit presented via webinar to Title IV-E PCs in fall 2011 was well received. The PCs were receptive to the strengths-based approach and how the material was oriented to sensitive care collaboration rather than solely to direct treatment, which typically does not occur in the child welfare setting.

For more information, please contact Curriculum Specialist Elizabeth Gilman.