Employment after Graduation

Graduates of the Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Program are obligated to work in specified public child welfare or Tribal agencies to fulfill their required employment obligation in lieu of repayment for their stipend.

Employment Resources

A list of California county social services websites with links to employment opportunities can be found at

Graduates are responsible for checking the county employment websites, which provide current opportunities for employment. Many counties provide an online interest card, which the graduate must complete to document that they are searching in the required counties. When recruitment occurs, the county human resources department will notify the graduate about the child welfare social worker recruitments. Many counties require the interested applicant to complete an online profile (which may be created at any time) to be notified of openings. At the time of recruitment, the applicant then updates the profile and forwards their request to be provided with information on the hiring process for the position.

NOTE: Counties use various classification titles for the position of child welfare social worker. View or download a statewide list of these job/classification titles, originally prepared by San Jose State University and updated by CalSWEC Central. Counties use the same or similar classification titles for social work positions in their workforce that are not in child welfare. Graduates must apply for jobs with these classification titles within county child welfare/children and family services divisions. Counties periodically may change the classification titles for these qualifying positions, so it is important to review each job description carefully to ensure that the position is used in county children and family services divisions of their departments.  

Grads can also join the CalSWEC Grad Jobs group on Facebook to network with current students and alumni. Job announcements posted directly by CalSWEC are usually considered to fulfill the employment obligation. Note that job announcements posted by group members may not necessarily meet the requirements of the employment obligation.

California County Human Resources—Employment Opportunities

A list of county human services websites and/or employment opportunities in the counties can be found here.