Evaluating Standardized Child Welfare Training in California (Common Core)

In collaboration with our In-Service Training Coordinating Partners, CalSWEC supports the development and implementation of a comprehensive strategic plan to evaluate the California Common Core Curricula.

Here you will find a variety of reports and resources, including:

  • past and current strategic plans for training evaluation,
  • results of the evaluation, and
  • resource materials to assist in conceptualizing an evaluation of a complex training program.  

A password-protected site is also accessible for the evaluation leads at CalSWEC's coordinating partner organizations. The Macro Evaluation Team, a subcommittee of the Statewide Training and Education Committee (STEC), guides the evaluation of the Common Core.

Training Evaluation Reports

Included in this section are reports for trainers and county/regional training administrators and for the CalSWEC Board of Directors. Additionally, a primer for use of the training evaluation data is included. 

Strategic Plans for Child Welfare Training Evaluation in California

You will find entire strategic plans for child welfare training evaluation in California or brief versions of them here.

With oversight by the Statewide Training and Education Committee (STEC) and the assistance of national experts Cindy Parry and Jane Berdie, the Macro Evaluation Team, a subcommittee of STEC, developed the original framework for training evaluation in California that would provide a chain of evidence about the effectiveness of training. With support from the Macro Eval Team, national experts, and county/regional training partners, CalSWEC has developed subsequent strategic plans for evaluation of the California Common Core Curricula.

Training Evaluation Resources

These resources were developed by CalSWEC with assistance by national experts in training evaluation Cindy Parry and Jane Berdie. They provide technical assistance and guidance for various aspects of development and implementation of training evaluation instruments and procedures.

For more information on all aspects of in-service training evaluation:

Melissa ConnellyDirector, Child Welfare In-Service Training Project