Evaluation, Research & Implementation

Bridging Research and Practice

Evaluation and research have been integral to CalSWEC since its inception, particularly as they relate to improving social work practice. 

Evaluation of CalSWEC's Programs

CalSWEC evaluates its programs, in collaboration with our partners. This includes evaluation of:

Workforce Evaluation and Research

CalSWEC collects data and supports research about and evaluation of the human services workforce, including:

Evidence-Based Practice and Implementation

CalSWEC provides leadership and works with our partners to support evidence-based practice and effective implementation. This includes:

Grants and Awards to Support Research and Evaluation

CalSWEC provides support for students, faculty and practice partners to conduct research via:

Training Evaluation

A national leader in evaluation of in-service training in the human services, CalSWEC:

CalSWEC's Evaluation Framework

CalSWEC's Evaluation Framework, which applies to its Child WelfareMental Health, and Aging initiatives, was developed to assess the impact of CalSWEC’s educational and training programs on the quantity and quality of California social workers who work with disadvantaged populations in public human services.

Program Evaluation & Workforce Research

This research promotes efforts to enhance the workforce to improve services for the client population. This includes evaluation of the Title IV-E Stipend Program, the Mental Health Stipend Program, the Child Welfare In-Service Training Program, and the California Common Core Curriculum.

Evaluation, Research, & Implementation Activities to Improve Workforce Practice

This research promotes activities involving the evaluation of emerging practices and the integration of the findings into workforce development activities. This includes funding projects and partnerships to inform curriculum and organizing and participating in partnerships such as the Research and Training Network (RTN).

Other Research and Evaluation Resources

Numerous publications, reports, and curricula have been developed as a result of CalSWEC's work. Many of are located in the CalSWEC resource libraries for Child Welfare and Mental Health. Others have been published as presentations, reports, and dissertations.

Research/Practice Partnerships

University/practice partnerships were initiated for the purpose of evaluating emerging practices or programs to inform the development of curriculum and training products for the Title IV-E Stipend and In-Service Training Coordination Programs. 

Research Award for MSW Students

The Research Award for MSW Students was established to encourage and support student research that will contribute to the evidence base for policy and practice in public human services.