Fairness and Equity Issues in Child Welfare Training

The Regional Training Academy Coordination Project promotes statewide efforts to develop and implement effective training strategies that address inequities in the child welfare system based on race, ethnicity, and other factors. CalSWEC co-sponsors statewide symposia and webinars, and coordinates with our partners to create and share curriculum and training resources on fairness and equity issues across the state.

Fairness & Equity Curriculum and Training Resources

CalSWEC and its coordinating partners collect, develop, and distribute a variety of curricula and other resources to address disparities in the child welfare system. Some curricula and toolkits are specific to particular populations, including American Indians, African Americans, and LGBTQ youth. 

Fairness & Equity Symposia

Annual Symposia on Fairness & Equity Issues in Child Welfare Training and Education have for many years have provided a forum for California trainers, educators, and advocates to formulate collaborative training solutions for policy and practice. Statewide convenings for county leadership, web-based trainings, and CalSWEC funding for regional coordinating partners also generate additional learning opportunities and resources.