Introducing ELearning, Common Core’s Critical New Component

CalSWEC Spotlight summarizes the latest developments in program initiatives and activities of interest to CalSWEC's community.

This month, Technology and Instructional Design Director Christopher Cajski gives us the latest news from his team.

June 23, 2017

CalSWEC released the first round of quarterly updates of the Common Core 3.0 curricula on July 1 following the curricula’s launch earlier this year.

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Besides classroom training and field activities, the curricula features the newest element—eLearning.

The eLearnings are intended to build fundamental knowledge and, in many cases, serve as a pre-requisite to the classroom sessions to ensure that time spent in the classroom can be optimized for answering questions and diving more deeply into the curricula content.

“We in the CalSWEC community are excited to be incorporating more educational technology now and into the future, as we explore new and better modalities to deliver highly effective, scalable, cost-efficient training online,” says Mr. Cajski.

February saw the release of eLearnings on the following 22 100-level course topics:

Foundation Block

  • Child and Youth Development
  • Introduction to Trauma-Informed Practice
  • Key Issues in Child Welfare: Behavioral Health
  • Key Issues in Child Welfare: Substance Use Disorders
  • Key Issues in Child Welfare: Intimate Partner Violence
  • Federal and State Laws
  • Legal Procedures
  • Introduction to ICWA
  • Documentation Practice & Report Writing
  • Social Worker Safety
  • Time & Stress Management

Engagement Block

  • Respect, Courtesy and Skillful Use of Authority
  • Concurrent Planning Introduction
  • Interviewing

Assessment Block

  • Child Maltreatment Identification (CMI)
  • Overview of Assessment Procedures

Case Planning and Service Delivery Block

  • Purposeful Visitation
  • Case Planning Basics

Monitoring and Adapting Block

  • Monitoring & Adapting
  • Placement

Transition Block

  • Case Closure & After-Care Plans
  • After 18

Three New ELearnings Launched

Additionally, three new eLearnings were launched with this quarter’s release: Field Advisor Training and two 200-level courses, CWS Outcomes and ICWA Review and Expert Witness.

Over the next year, one of the major eLearning projects for Common Core will be the development of five Supervisor Core (“Sup Core”) courses, which are expected to be completed by the end of June 2018, according to Mr. Cajski.