January Bay Area Regional Convening to Address Issues Affecting Social Work Students, Profession

CalSWEC will host a convening on January 30, 2014, for Bay Area Social Service Consortium (BASSC) and Bay Area field collaborative members engaged in implementing the Field Instruction Initiative’s Title IV-E Field Model. The gathering is intended both to strengthen their partnership and to work on significant issues affecting social work students and the social work profession as a whole.

“Our goals are to enhance the field practicum experience for students to better orient and prepare them for careers in the field of public child welfare, increase worker retention, and positively impact agency outcomes,” said Chris Mathias, director of CalSWEC’s Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Program, adding, “I am looking forward to this opportunity to enhance our partnership work together.” 

What to Expect
Ms. Mathias said convening invitees will meet to develop regional agreements concerning:

  • workforce development goals,
  • recruitment,
  • training and support of field instructors,
  • selection of field placements, and
  • delivery of field curriculum that is aligned with current public child welfare trends.

Who Should Attend
Invitees include:

  • County directors,
  • Deans/directors of schools of social work,
  • Child welfare directors,
  • Field directors,
  • Intern coordinators, and
  • Project coordinators

For more information:

Chris Mathias, Director, Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Program,