Jobs Outlook Is Bright for 2012 CalSWEC Grads

The job search is yielding positive results for many 2012 graduates of CalSWEC’s Title IV-E Stipend Program and Mental Health Program (MHP).

From January 2012 through April 2013 the proportion of IV-E and MHP 2012 graduates who began employment to fulfill their work obligation increased between 7% to 20%:

  • 65% to 83% for MHP MSW grads
  • 76% to 83% for IV-E MSW grads
  • 40% to 60%% for IV-E BASW grads

According to their contract, the 2012 graduates had until the end of May or mid-June 2013 to secure employment. The numbers were expected to increase even more by then.


View or download the hiring statistics for 2012 MHP and Title IV-E MSW and BASW graduates.


Meanwhile, California’s 21 participating universities are anticipating similar results for the spring 2013 social work graduates. As of this writing,

  • The MHP’s 2012–2013 cohort has 196 students;
  • The Title IV-E  MSW program has 734 students, 363 of whom are due to graduate; and
  • The Title IV-E BASW program has 51 students who are due to graduate. 

For the first time in several years, the hiring outlook is positive for the newest IV-E graduates as well. Counties statewide have been contacting the social work schools with their hiring intentions. In some mid-size and large counties, between 10 and 60 openings are expected. Some counties even initiated recruitment prior to graduation so that they could hire graduates as soon as they completed their academic programs.