Jobs Outlook Brightens for CalSWEC Graduates

The employment outlook for CalSWEC’s newest graduates looks brighter so far this year than last. More of the 2011 grads had been hired by April than had their counterparts at the same time last year. This was especially true for the Mental Health Program (MHP) MSWs and Title IV-E Stipend Program BASWs.

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  • By April 1, 2012, the following groups of grads were working:
    • 86% of the 2011 MHP MSWs
    • 84% of the 2011 IV-E MSWs
    • 43% of the 2011 IV-E BASWs
  • As of April 1, 2012, the following were working for the counties or agencies eligible to fulfill the work obligation:
    • 91% of the IV-E 2010 MSWs
    • 79% of the IV-E 2010 BASWs

Some of the MHP grads are doing volunteer work to accrue hours toward their payback obligation until paid full- or part-time positions become available in eligible agencies. Many also found employment in agencies under contract with the counties.

Endeavors by CalSWEC
Many efforts have been developed to assist the 2012 IV-E graduates in anticipation of a tight job market for county child welfare positions:

  • CalSWEC Title IV-E Workforce Development Coordinator Donna Thoreson continues to visit counties and school sites to identify jobs that are and will be available as well as to facilitate communication between CalSWEC schools, graduates, and counties.
  • CalSWEC’s Twitter and Facebook pages have been active the past year with up-to-the-minute job postings for county positions. To date, there are nearly 150 Twitter followers and over 200 Facebook members. Kudos to CalSWEC Distance Education Specialist Steven Williams for creating and maintaining both sites.
  • The CalSWEC Board of Directors approved a hiring option for the 2012 IV-E graduates, which gives them an alternative to the job search specified in their contract.

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For more information, please contact Data Management Specialist Dr. Susan Jacquet.