Macro Evaluation Team

The Macro Evaluation Team, a subcommittee of the Statewide Training and Education Committee (STEC), convenes regularly to develop and implement the evaluation plan for the California Common Core Curricula.

During their monthly conference calls and semi-annual in-person meetings, Macro Evaluation members:

  • discuss and draft evaluation instruments,
  • review the status of the evaluation plan,
  • approve final products,
  • make recommendations to STEC and Subcommittee, and
  • review reporting on evaluation instruments.

Macro Evaluation is comprised of:

  • representatives from the Regional Training Academies,
  • representatives from the University Consortium for Children and Families, and
  • representatives from CDSS.

Its members may consult subject matter experts to construct evaluation instruments and provide recommendations and revisions. 

For more information:

  • Contact: Tenia Davis, Training and Evaluation Specialist

To Review the Common Core 3.0 Evaluation Plan, please click here: Common Core 3.0 Training Evaluation Program

To share your Quarterly Update requests to ensure integrated Quality Control of the components of Common Core 3.0, please use the Common Core 3.0 Quarterly Updates webform (hyperlinked image below):

If you would like to view the feedback that we have received to date or to confirm that your feedback has been captured, please click here (please note that all identifiers have been removed): Common Core 3.0 Quarterly Feedback Report

Macro Eval Meeting Materials

Macro Evaluation Team meetings are held biannually from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

To conserve paper, documents are posted in advance. Members are encouraged to download or print materials for use at Macro Eval meetings. PowerPoint presentations and other materials will be projected at the meeting.

For information about the Agenda, please contact: Tenia Davis, Training and Evaluation Specialist

Common Core 3.0 Training Evaluation Program

Common Core 3.0 will be evaluated using Kirkpatrick's four-levels of training evaluation model. For an overview of Common Core 3.0's application of the Kirkpatrick model to its evaluation plan, please click here: Common Core 3.0 Training Evaluation Program