National Training Evaluation Symposium Celebrates 20-Year Milestone

Progress of projects, including Common Core 3.0 Evaluation Plan, are showcased

The National Human Services Training Evaluation Symposium (NHSTES) observed a milestone this year, reflected in its theme, “Celebrating 20 Years of NHSTES: Honoring Our Past, Fulfilling Our Present, Preparing for Our Future.”

The symposium was hosted by the Kent School of Social Work at University of Louisville on May 23–25. It was co-sponsored by CalSWEC, the Kentucky University Training Consortium, the University of Maryland School of Social Work, the National Staff Development & Training Association, and the American Public Human Services Association.

Its 20th anniversary provided the opportunity for invited evaluators from around the country to showcase training evaluations that previously had been presented in their infancy.

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These included Using Online Training with the Child Welfare Workforce to Promote Adoption Mental Health Competence, Evaluation of a Racial Equity Training Strategy In a Public Child Welfare Agency, A Case Study of Georgia’s Child Welfare Training Collaborative, and Evaluating Child Welfare Basic Training in South Carolina.

Progress of Common Core 3.0 Evaluation

Elizabeth Wroughton, CalSWEC Research and Evaluation Analyst, presenting on California's Common Core 3.0 Evaluation Plan: Where Are We Now?, described the progress of the evaluation plan, previously presented to an NHSTES audience in 2014.

Her presentation, a collaboration with CalSWEC Research and Evaluation Director Sandhya Rao Hermon and Training and Evaluation Specialist Tenia Davis, highlighted the further development of evaluation instruments, and enhancements to the data analysis and reporting mechanisms, including the implementation of rapid reporting and data visualization.

Ms. Wroughton also discussed some challenges the evaluation team has faced in advancing the evaluation plan. “Presenting provided an excellent opportunity to collect feedback and suggestions for improvement from the equipped and knowledgeable audience,” she notes.

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The symposium is specifically designed to meet the creative needs of human service training evaluators with a focus on child welfare. It  addresses a spectrum of training evaluation issues to improve the quality and effectiveness of our current or future human service training evaluation projects.

Its special emphasis is on building a robust evidence base using multiple and varied data collection, and  analysis strategies and methods that lead to improved programming and professional practice, and therefore more positive outcomes for families and children