New CalSWEC Curriculum Gives Overview of State’s Adoptions Practice

CalSWEC has announced the completion of its newest advanced curriculum, Overview of California Child Welfare Adoptions Practice, in time for National Adoption Month in November. The curriculum is intended for use in California by adoptions social workers new to adoptions practice and workers who may have transferred into adoptions with little or no experience.

Overview of California Child Welfare Adoptions Practice covers all elements of the adoption process in the state, including federal and California statutes, laws, regulations, and policies; permanency options; the core issues of adoption; the court process; and post adoption.

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The new curriculum is the result of months-long work by a committee of adoptions subject matter experts, including a former federal adoptions specialist, a former county adoptions worker, a child welfare manager, and various other stakeholders in the adoptions process.

Overview of California Child Welfare Adoptions Practice is just one of the several resources from CalSWEC that provide one- or two-day training curricula using trainer’s guides, trainee content, and PowerPoint presentations.

CalSWEC’s Role in Statewide Social Work Training
CalSWEC works closely with its In-Service Training Partners statewide and other stakeholders to develop and revise statewide curriculum products, including the California Common Core Curricula, training resources for Fostering Connections After 18/AB 12, and other Advanced Training and Organizational Development Resources.