Research Award for MSW Students

The Research Award for MSW Students, renamed the Research Capstone Award for MSW Students beginning in 2017, encourages and supports student research that will contribute to the evidence base for policy and practice in public human services. It was established by CalSWEC’s Research and Development (R&D) Committee, in conjunction with the California Association of Deans and Directors (CADD), 

Goals of the Research Capstone Award for MSW Students include:

  • To foster interest in applied, practice-oriented research for MSW students;
  • To promote student research that is relevant to agency practice;
  • To create a forum for students to share their research results with agencies that will benefit from it.


The R&D Committee has adopted a two-tiered award process for the student research awards because students plan and conduct their research throughout the period of the award. 

  • Initial applications are based on proposed research. From among proposals submitted,10 finalists are selected based on the criteria listed in the Application. The finalists receive an award of $250 each.
  • The finalists complete their research and submit an Executive Summary of their research results. From among the finalists, five (5) completed projects/theses are selected and awarded an additional $500 each.






 For more information about the award process contact: Sandhya Rao Hermón, Director, Research and Evaluation