The Research and Training Network (RTN)

Welcome to the RTN Website! (Research and Training Network (RTN) Charter)

The Research and Training Network is a collaborative network of California university and Human Services Agency representatives who have come together to promote vibrant agency/university partnerships with the purpose of establishing a comprehensive strategy for practice-oriented research in the Human Services field. The network operates under the auspices of the Research & Development Committee of CalSWEC's Board of Directors.

  • It provides an opportunity for our Partners to share their work with one another and the public so that practice-oriented research throughout California is to the greatest extent possible both collaborative and coordinated.
  • It provides access to the statewide and regional research agendas that have been developed to guide practice-oriented research in Human Services throughout California. In addition both literature reviews and the research that has been undertaken by our Partners are available on this site, searchable by program area and topic.
  • It lists social work faculty, researchers and others interested in evaluation and research in the human services, and allows users of the website to search for people with similar research interests.
  • It provides information about the regular training events and symposia that the RTN sponsorsin order to help promote and disseminate practice-oriented Human Services research in California. This includes the Leadership Symposia on Evidence-Based Practice and the RTN Webinar Series on Evidence-Informed Practice.
  • It promotes the sharing of resources and other research-related materials and is intended to be a source of information for users. The RTN posts information on its website to contribute to the expansion of knowledge in the areas of Children & Families, Aging & Adults, and Self-Sufficiency.

Program Areas

This website is organized and categorized by the program areas below.  Information is sorted by each program area.  You will find literature reviews, research and evaluation reports, faculty and staff members, and a list of partners within each area.  You may also search all resources by key word or topic, using the Search Resources section.

Children & FamiliesAging & AdultsSelf Sufficiency

The contents of this website are continually updated to include information about the latest developments in California's approach to practice-oriented research.

Materials are submitted by the original authors when possible. The RTN provides minor editing and formatting of materials posted on this website. It does not endorse specific authors and does not endorse the content contained in the materials.