Adding Resources and People

The Research and Training Network promotes the sharing of resources and other research related materials. This website is intended to be a source of information for users. The RTN posts information on its website to contribute to the expansion of knowledge in the areas of children and families, aging and adults and self-sufficiency. Materials are submitted by the original authors when possible. The RTN provides minor editing and formatting of materials posted on this website. It does not endorse specific authors and does not endorse the content contained in the materials.

If you are a faculty member or a partner interested in research, evaluation and data analysis, and would like your contact information, bio, list of publications, and research interests posted on this website, click FACULTY (WEB) FORM.

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NOTE: Please be aware that posting of entire manuscripts on the RTN website may affect your ability to publish them in journals or other publications in the future. Posting of abstracts is not likely to present any problems regarding copyright. Check submission guidelines and publication agreements with specific journals or other entities as well as copyright laws.