Faculty and Research Staff

This page contains information about faculty members from the twenty (20) participating schools of social work and social welfare in the state of California, plus other RTN partners who are interested in data analysis, evaluation and research. Faculty and researchers are listed alphabetically, but you can search by university affiliation, program area and research interest. By selecting Search Resources on the right, you can search all types of resources (faculty, literature reviews, research agendas, etc.) If you would like to be included on this page, or you wish to update your information, click on Adding Resources and People. You may find the following items about faculty members by clicking on their name:

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Titlesort descending Position Organization
Abrams, Laura Assistant Professor UCLA
Alongi Brinderson, Laura Field Faculty UCLA
Anderson, E. Frederick Professor CSU - LA
Angulo, Rafael Clinical Associate Professor, Field Education USC
Armistead, Maggie Faculty Fresno State
Astor, Ron Professor USC
Ayasse, Robert Field Work Consultant/Lecturer UC Berkeley
Bagdasaryan, Sofya Assistant Professor UCLA
Bailey, Caroline Assistant Professor CSU - Fullerton
Bartle, Eli Associate Professor CSU- Northridge
Bassett, J. David Professor Chico State
Bender, Carole Director. UCLA Center on Child Welfare UCLA
Bowie, Sylvester Associate Professor Sacramento State
Brodie, Kilolo Assistant Professor CSU- Stanislaus
Brooks, Devon Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs USC
Brown, Karin Director of the School of Social Work CSU - LA
Brown, Laurel Title IV-E Faculty San Bernardino
Brown, Pamela Professor Humboldt State
Brown, Shirley Faculty Fresno State
Bruce, Emily Associate Professor San Jose State