Aging and Adults

Resource name Type Category
Does IHSS prevent Nursing Home Care? Review Medical / Hospital
Florez, Corinne Faculty Medical / Hospital
Green , Judith Faculty Medical / Hospital
McIntosh, Wanda Faculty Medical / Hospital
Medi-Cal Outreach Review Medical / Hospital
Medi-Cal Redesign Policy Brief Report Medical / Hospital
Rondero Hernandez, Virginia Faculty Medical / Hospital
Adult Maltreatment Report Report Caregiving
Costs and Benefits of IHSS for Elderly Persons with Disabilities Case Study Report Caregiving
Does IHSS prevent Nursing Home Care? Review Caregiving
Elder Service Needs Report Report Caregiving
Elder Service Needs Report Summary Report Caregiving
Goodman, Catherine Faculty Caregiving
Green , Yolonda Faculty Caregiving
Gupta, Rashmi Faculty Caregiving
IHSS Alternative Assessments Review Caregiving
In-Home Supportive Services: Descriptive Data Report Report Caregiving
Land, Helen M. Faculty Caregiving
McCaslin, Rosemary Faculty Caregiving
Daniels, Jean Faculty African American
Corbin, Dennis Faculty HIV / AIDS
Halaas, Beth Faculty HIV / AIDS
Johansen, Pamela Faculty HIV / AIDS
Land, Helen M. Faculty HIV / AIDS
Reilly, Thom Faculty HIV / AIDS
Schilling, Robert Faculty HIV / AIDS
Traube, Dorian Faculty HIV / AIDS
Woo, Darlene Faculty HIV / AIDS
Clapp, John Faculty Substance Abuse
Drabble, Laurie Faculty Substance Abuse