In-Service Training Curricula (Child Welfare)

CalSWEC works closely with its In-Service Training Partners and other stakeholders to develop and revise statewide curriculum products, including the California Common Core Curricula, training resources for Fostering Connections After 18/AB 12, and other Advanced Training and Organizational Development Resources.

The Technology and Learning Committee aims to share resources for alternative delivery of training.

California Common Core Curricula

The California Common Core Curricula is the result of a multi-year statewide collaborative effort to develop standardized curricula for California’s newly hired child welfare supervisors and child welfare workers. Development and implementation of the Common Core Curricula was mandated by California’s Program Improvement Plan (PIP) as part of the 2003 federal Child and Family Services Review (CFSR).

Advanced Training and Organizational Development Resources

These advanced training and organizational development resources are intended to assist training organizations, trainers, social service agencies, supervisors, and others to provide training on specific practices, new laws, and policy changes. The organizational development resources support implementation of new practices.