Statewide Technology and Learning

The Technology and Learning Committee was formed to promote alternative, technologically based training and education within California's child welfare training and education system. The committee convenes CalSWEC's statewide partners to share resources aimed at providing flexible learning opportunities for practitioners to augment their knowledge and skills in the pursuit of improved outcomes for children and families. 

In 2008, under the auspices of the Statewide Training and Education Committee (STEC), the E-Learning Committee began working to create the Statewide Strategic Plan for E-Learning in California's Child Welfare Training System. The E-Learning Committee was composed of representatives from the following:

The plan, completed in 2009, was an initial step to realizing the coordinated e-learning framework for the training needs of the child welfare workforce.  

In 2011, the E-Learning Committee was expanded and revised to include alternative technologies for knowledge and skill delivery. It was renamed the Technology and Learning Committee.

Our Vision

The vision of CalSWEC, the schools of social work, the Regional Training Academies, and county child welfare deparrtments in California is to develop a shareable web-based library of high-quality, publicly accessible e-learning curricula for statewide use.

Our Purpose

The shareable web-based library will enhance California's child welfare training system by providing flexible learning opportunities for child welfare practitioners to augment their knowledge and skills in the pursuit of improved outcomes for children and families.

Background information about the e-learning project, courses for downloading, and a listing of free accessible courses are available on this site.

Content Guidelines and Technical Standards for Statewide E-Learning

Guidelines and technical standards for production and distribution of e-learning materials were created to facilitate statewide sharing of e-learning courses. They are designed to assist course developers and expand access by end-users. Details are described in the Statewide E-Learning: Content Guidelines and Technical Standards.

Infrastructure for Sharing Courses across the State

Infrastructure guidelines will be developed to:

  • Delineate the roles of CalSWEC, Regional Training Academies, and counties
  • Delineate the step-by-step process for sharing courses (e.g., transferring courses from a File Transfer Protocol site to a local site)
  • Indicate how to access technical assistance related to statewide courses

Infrastructure guidelines intend to expand accessibility to all training partners, while accommodating statewide variations in technical capacity.

Find free open access courses

The courses listed at have been created- and shared-by CalSWEC partners and can be accessed free of charge.