Stipend Grads Enhance Diversity of State's Public Social Services Workforce

CalSWEC’s graduates add substantively to the diversity of the workforce as they join California’s public social services agencies.

In Academic Year 2011–2012 CalSWEC’s Mental Health Program and Title IV-E Stipend Program will graduate diverse groups of students who, as in years past, continue to reflect the diversity of the clients they serve. In keeping with CalSWEC’s goal to recruit and prepare a diverse group of social workers for careers in public human services, the majority of the programs’ students are of minority racial/ethnic heritage. (View or download “Diversity of the Spring 2012 CalSWEC Graduates.”)

The racial/ethnic composition of CalSWEC’s current students coincides with the diverse population of the state, which, according to the 2010 Census, had higher percentages of American Indian, Asian/Pacific Islander, and Hispanic populations than the rest of the nation.

African American and Hispanic populations are disproportionately represented in the state’s child welfare and behavioral health systems. Research indicates that staff diversity is critical for successfully engaging and serving minority populations. Thus, representation of Black/African American and Hispanic/Chicano/Latino students in CalSWEC’s programs in numbers that are proportionately greater than in California’s overall population presumably helps to increase access to services.

Among the CalSWEC current students, 59% in the Mental Health Program and 47% in the Title IV-E Stipend Program speak at least one language in addition to English, facilitating access to services for both non-English monolingual and bilingual consumers and their families. The majority of bilingual students speak Spanish; however, 43 other languages are also spoken. (View or download the Language Word Cloud, a graphic representation of the languages (other than Spanish) spoken by bilingual students, with languages in larger letters indicating greater frequency of use.)

For more information, please contact Data Management Specialist Susan Jacquet.