Strategic Alliance

The California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC) and the Child and Family Policy Institute of California (CFPIC) signed a Strategic Alliance Agreement on September 30, 2011, to formalize a coordinated approach to the statewide improvements in public Human Services. Guiding these efforts is the desire to:

  • Link the statewide exploration of promising practices with pre-service and in-service education and training for the fields of child welfare and aging;
  • Align the statewide efforts of the academic research communities with those of the Human Services practice community;
  • Minimize duplication of effort in grants solicitation and management;
  • Collaborate in the allocation of resources to address the mutual goals of both organizations; and
  • Establish a structure for joint oversight of projects in common.

This agreement is intended to build on the informal work of CalSWEC and CFPIC, which have partnered in numerous activities over the past several years, such as the co-leadership of the statewide Research and Training Network and the collaboration to support the CalSWEC Aging Initiative.

This Strategic Alliance Agreement provides a framework for a more structured approach to working in areas of common interest, capitalizing on CFPIC’s history in exploring and promoting promising practices and CalSWEC’s 20-year efforts to promote workforce development.