Title IV-E Stipend Program Releases Annual Report

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CalSWEC graduated its 21st Title IV-E Stipend Program cohort in academic year 2012–2013. The program's Annual Report, covering July 1, 2012–June 30, 2013, provides the latest information about stipend program students and graduates for 2012–2013 and, in some instances, reports on trends from the program's inception until now.


See the overview of the entire Title IV-E student/graduate population
from 1993 through September 2013


For the 2012–2013 academic year, the program enrolled 805 students:

Since 1993, more than 95% of the IV-E MSW graduates found work in child welfare agencies, except  for 2003 and 2008–2011, when a sluggish economy negatively affected hiring. Since the inception of the IV-E BASW program in 2004, 79% of those graduates have been hired.

The graduate employment rates as of September, 30, 2013, reveal the following are confirmed to be employed:

  • 261, or 76%, of the 2013 MSW graduates, and
  • 14, or 45%, of the BASW graduates

All student participants have been tracked through the CalSWEC Student Information System (CSIS) since the program’s inception. Students and graduates are tracked from their initial enrollment in the MSW/BASW programs through the final year of their contract obligation and beyond.

As of June 30, 2013, the database has information on 6,651 students and graduates: 6,227 MSW, 385 BASW, and 39 Pathway students and graduates.

The Title IV-E Stipend Program Annual Report also describes the retention of graduates, their diveristy, and the geographic dispersion and density of graduates throughout California.

Program Developments
Additionally, it summarizes programmatic progress in such areas as the Field Instruction Initiative, distance education, competencies, curriculum modules and resources, SERVE (formerly the American Indian Recruitment Program), and county/university (Research/Practice) partnerships, as well as developments in program evaluation.