Planning Tools


In order to have a successful implementation of the Birth to Six Initiative, it is imperative that the Agency take the time to create a viable and realistic plan to launch and sustain the activities of the Initiative. 

FIRST, it is important to engage stakeholders to participate in an assessment and planning process. Stakeholders include internal staff, community partners, and the families and children themselves. 

SECOND, the Agency would introduce these stakeholders to the Birth to Six Initiative, the scope of the problem, and potential interventions. 

THIRD, a strategic plan would be developed where a self assessment would be developed and a plan of action developed.  A workgroup would be developed to forge the way of implemenation.  A communication plan might be outlined and sent to important stakeholders. An implemenation team would be responsible for seeing to it that the innovation has actually come to fruition.  The action plan would outline:

  1. What the innovation is
  2. The roles and activities of the workgroup 
  3. The expectations and mechanisms for communication (i.e. meetings, documents, training, etc.)  
  4. A strategic plan would develop a strategy for informing and training the staff and stakeholders. 

The documents below will walk the Agency through the planning process.

The Birth-to-Six Initiative - Implementation Readiness Checklist provides of list of items that can be used when preparing for the implemenation of a new innovation.  Implementation leaders, implementation teams and implementers may find that it helps to know what they have and what they need in terms of implementation.



Communication is a key element when starting something new.  This communication workplan includes several things that may be helpful as people navigate their expectations, roles and tasks regarding implementation.  It includes:

  1. Identifies and defines roles of stakeholders
  2. Example of a communication matrix
  3. Guidelines for meetings
  4. Sample meeting agenda
  5. Sample and blank communication directory matrix 

The blank documents are intended for users to complete them based on their work.



Analysis may consist of thinking of all the people who are affected by your work, who have influence or power over it, or have an interest in its successful or unsuccessful conclusion.  It may be important to prioritize your stakeholders into categories of people who may have a direct impact the attainment of the program's goals and the outcomes of the innovation.  

This stakeholder analysis document includes several things that may be helpful as implementers think about how to identify stakeholders and how to work with them.  It includes:

  1. Example of people (listed by title or function) who may be vested stakeholders
  2. A list to be completed by the implementer(s) to that includes fill-in tips to help identify stakeholders
  3. Grid for stakeholder prioritization
  4. Questions for understanding stakeholders



This strategic planning tool is a matrix that users can complete as they think about assessment, implementation, monitoring of progress and sustainability.  Users can insert tasks, names of people responsible for completing the tasks and deadlines for task completion.