Training, Coaching, and Transfer of Learning Tools

This curriculum is designed to be conducted by a trainer who has familiarized him/herself with the Birth to Six Initiative. As such, it is expected that each trainer will add examples from their professional and personal experiences to help illustrate the points herein and clarify the material.

The trainer's guide is designed to be modified by the trainer depending on the jurisdiction. This is one portion of a comprehensive plan that is needed to implement the Birth to Six Initiative. This is not a standardized curriculum in that each jurisdiction will not need the same training, technical assistance, and transfer of learning tools.  This is a Facilitated Three-Part Series of training and technical assistance that is provided three half-day sessions.

The purpose of this three-part series is to:

  1. Introduce the Birth to Six Initiative, including its associated values and theoretical framework, to primarily child welfare social workers, supervisors, managers, caregivers, and community partners .
  2. Provide an opportunity for staff, supervisors, and caregivers to consider the benefits to young children and the child welfare system should the Birth to Six Initiative be implemented.
  3. Provide transfer of learning tools to assist in the implementation of the Birth to Six Initiative in the county.

Curriculum materials incluude:

  1. Learning objectives
  2. Trainee's guide
  3. PowerPoint presentation - Module 1: Introduction to Birth-to-Six
  4. PowerPoint presentation - Module 2: The Emotional and Developmental Needs of Young Children
  5. PowerPoint presentation - Module 3: Young Children in Foster Care
  6. Pre-test
  7. Post-test
  8. Visitation guidelines
  9. Developmentally appropriate visitation activities

Trainers and users can tailor the materials to their agency or region.  Trainers and users are encouraged to use examples from their particular practice to reinforce learning.