Is the Common Core Working?

Evaluation and Revision Process

  • The Common Core is systematically evaluated and revised on an ongoing basis. 

  • To provide feedback on curriculum, evaluation materials, field activities and/or online learning, please complete the Common Core 3.0 Quarterly Update form

    • CalSWEC and our in-service training partners collaborate to systematically evaluate the effectiveness of the Common Core. General information on the process and results of the Common Core Evaluation is found under Evaluation, Research and Implementation. This page links to a private site for training evaluators.

      In order to maintain the security of the test items and evaluation data, more detailed information on the administration of the Common Core Evaluation is maintained on a private site for training evaluators. CalSWEC encourages the public use of the Common Core, and can share evaluation tools and item banks upon request. 

      If you are interested in obtaining more detailed information and tools about evaluation, please contact Tenia Davis, Training and Evaluation Specialist and cc: Sandhya Rao Hermón, Director, Research and Evaluation.

    • For your reference the revision schedule for Q1 - Q4 below:

      Submission window for providing feedback
      Q1: February 1 - April 30
      Q2: May 1 - July 31
      Q3: August 1 - October 31
      Q4: November 1 - January 31

      Review with CDOG, MACRO Evaluation, Field Advisory Committee and/or Technical Team
      Q1: May 1-31
      Q2: August 1 - 31
      Q3: November 1-30
      Q4: February 1-28

      Revisions posted to website by CalSWEC
      Q1: June 30
      Q2: September 30
      Q3: December 31
      Q4: March 31