Unlocking "Reasonable Efforts": Kinship is Key - A closer look at the term "reasonable efforts".  

Rose Marie Wentz and Kelly Lynn Beck wrote an article about the ambiguity of understanding of the term "reasonable efforts" and its implementation in child welfare practice.  The article urges staff to diligently search for family members as part of the Fostering  Connections to Success Statute.    

This article, Maintaining Family Relationships for Children in the Child Welfare System, also written by Rose Marie Wentz and Kelly Beck has three objectives:

  1. It offers guidane to youth who are removed from their homes and placed in foster care;
  2. It highlights a Family Finding and Engagement Model; and 
  3. It explains how the mandate to find and engage relatives is possible. 

Engaging Families by (retired) Judge Leonard Edwards

These reading materials, written by Judge Edwards, gives insight into some of the issues that impact Family Finding and Engagement.

  1. Placing Children with RelativesAutumn 2011, The Bench, the official magazine of the California Judges Association
  2. Relative Placement in Child Protective Cases: A Judicial PerspectiveSpring 2010, Juvenile and Family Court Journal
  3. Engaging Fathers in the Child Protection Process: The Judicial RoleSpring 2009, Juvenile and Family Court Journal
  4. Juvenile Court Corner: Engaging Fathers in the Child Custody ProcessWinter 2009, The Bench, the official magazine of the California Judges Association
  5. Family Finding From a Judicial Perspective October 2008, The Judges‘ Page Newsletter, The National CASA Association 
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