Engagement and Communication Tools


Engagement and Communication Tools are used to disseminate information, gauge interest, and evoke action about a new initiative, program, or intervention. Managers and administrators may introduce a new initiative at an all-staff meeting by providing talking points, factual information, and flyers. Supervisors may discuss the new initiative during a unit meeting by presenting statistics and fact sheets. Social workers may talk to their peers about the initiative by presenting advertisement in the form of an introductory letter or brochure.



It is imperative that the key facts and intent of the law is well communicated to stakeholders that work with youth. Engagement and Communication materials may be distributed to youth who are affected by the law, caregivers who provide care to older foster youth, social work and probation staff who work directly with youth to help them achieve better outcomes, and key legislators. 

Below are examples of Engagement and Communication Tools, including but not limited to: