Special Considerations


Each topic listed below should be considered when planning for the implementation of Team Decision Making (TDM). These topics should also be reconsidered on an on-going basis and training should be made available as appropriate. For example, it is recommended that TDM facilitators receive advanced domestic violence training as a part of their staff development and preparation for participation in TDMs. Additionally, it is important to know about privacy and confidentiality. Lastly, tips for interpreters are included.



Team Decision Making meetings have a special purpose - to reach placement decisions. Placement decisions, by their nature, are very important because of their ability to remove children from their home of origin and to consider alternative placements. They can be produce anxiety and provoke anger in all parties involved. For these reasons, it is important to consider the impact of TDM as it relates to disproportionality and disparity. It is a well known fact that children of color disproportionately exist in CPS. Decisions made through TDM should bear this in mind when considering and making placement decisions that impact these children.

Also, if domestic violence is an issue in a CPS case, this should be considered before scheduling a TDM. The documents below offer tips and ground rules. The remaining documents contain helpful information and other special considerations.

1. Racial Disproportionality and Disparity
2. Domestic Violence

a. In the Moment Strategies
TDM Pre-meeting DV Check-in
Safety Ground Rule for TDM
Building DV Protocol

3. HIPPA and TDM
4. 10 Tips for Interpreters in TDM