Training Tools


You will find a variety of helpful tools that will assist in initial and ongoing training needs. While it is important for staff and stakeholders to receive an introductory Tean Decision Making (TDM) training, ongoing training is essential for quality practice. The materials included in this section can be used in formal training settings for internal staff and stakeholders, at unit and bureau meetings, and individually as needed. Most importantly, staff and stakeholders should be trained utilizing the tools below to ensure they clearly understand their role in the TDM process.



Ideas for TDM Readiness Orientation - A suggested guide for agencies preparing for a TDM orientation.





These materials can be used as handouts in training and/or can be adapted to be put into a full curriculum.

  1. Supervisors
  2. Social Workers
  3. Scheduler
  4. Youth Advocate - not yet developed
  5. Parent Partners - not yet developed
  6. Youth Engagement
  7. Stakeholders
  8. Community Representatives