Vanessa Rezos Joins CalSWEC’s In-Service Training Project

September 12, 2017

The newest member of CalSWEC’s Child Welfare In-Service Training Project is Vanessa Rezos, who will join the team effective September 25, announced Director Marcy Hara.

As a training and curriculum specialist, Ms. Rezos will be working on the Common Core 3.0 and Supervisor Core Curriculum revision projects and with the Regional Training Academies to support the 2018 California Core Practice Model county implementation, according to Ms. Hara.

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“I am excited to welcome Vanessa to the Child Welfare In-Service Training Team," she said. “Her recent public child welfare experience, including training new child welfare social workers, will be a great asset to the team.”

Others on the team are Training and Curriculum Specialists Melinda Iremonger, Phyllis Jeroslow, and Shay O’Brien; Efforts to Outcomes Director Daphne Short and Research Data Analyst Colleen Clark; and Training and Evaluation Analyst Esmirna (Esmi) Ramirez.

CSU, East Bay Title IV-E Grad

Ms. Rezos earned her MSW from California State University, East Bay, where she was a Title IV-E Stipend Program recipient. In the degree program, she completed internships at The Homeless Children’s Network (HCN) and Contra Costa County Children & Family Services (CFS).

Following graduation, Ms. Rezos was hired as a social worker at Contra Costa County CFS, where she provided intensive casework services to the children and families. Her direct service to families was primarily in Emergency Response and Court units, where she worked closely with families and the courts to ensure the best outcomes for children.

Ensuring the Continuing Ed of Supervisors and Social Workers

Ms. Rezos was then promoted to Staff Development Specialist and worked on a variety of projects to assist the continuing education of social work supervisors and social workers throughout the county. Among other responsibilities, she worked closely with the Bay Area Academy to support the ongoing implementation of Safety Organized Practice (SOP), including assessing the need for SOP in each district office. Ms. Rezos also wrote the curriculum for the countywide skill-based court report writing trainings and conducted workgroups to ensure effective implementation of the training.

Ms. Rezos resides in the East Bay with her husband, their 10-month-old baby boy, and their dog, Washburne. She enjoys exploring the Bay Area through hikes and food. Ms. Rezos was born and raised in Lima, Peru, and enjoys returning to visit her native home, as well as cooking Peruvian dishes whenever the baby naps.