Zellerbach Family Foundation Grant Launches CalSWEC Strategic Planning Process

A $75,000 grant from the Zellerbach Family Foundation will support a strategic planning process for CalSWEC, which last produced a strategic plan in 2009. 

Through this process, CalSWEC ultimately seeks to restructure areas of operation to model a new way of looking at and promoting service coordination, collaboration, and integration of its programs, especially in child welfare, mental health, and aging.


CalSWEC has issued an RFP seeking strategic planning consultants.
The deadline for receipt of proposals was May 19.

Particular attention will be given to opportunities for strategic structural changes within CalSWEC’s organization and its Board of Directors, staffing, program processes, and requirements that will best support and sustain workforce development integration strategies. 

Process and Timeframe

The timeframe for the strategic planning process is April 1, 2014–March 31, 2016. The process will:

  1. Identify areas for structural change within CalSWEC to reflect current and anticipated changes in workforce needs, settings, and environment; and
  2. Result in a five-year work plan.

During the initial phase, expected to last approximately 10 months, CalSWEC will solicit input from its Board of Director constituents, especially the universities and counties; other stakeholders; consumers; and staff about CalSWEC’s:

  • primary imperatives,
  • future focus areas, and
  • work goals.

A strategic plan leadership committee, consisting of CalSWEC board members, will provide project oversight and vet results of surveys, focus groups, and larger group discussions.

The leadership committee will be supported by CalSWEC staff, with a consultant(s) who will organize and analyze the collected information and produce a report that identifies primary focus areas and work goals. The consultant(s) will then work with staff and the leadership committee to organize this into an action document with assigned responsibilities and timelines.

For more information         

Dr. Rodger Lum, CalSWEC Interim Executive Director,