Assessment Block

The Assessment Block content focuses on critical thinking, standardized assessment, and child maltreatment identification. This includes the identification of a critical thinking process; information about assessment policy and practice; and tips and practice for identifying neglect, physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and exploitation.

Assessment Block Content Overview and Learning Objectives

There are 3 e-learning modules, 4 classroom modules, 2 field activities, and a 200-level knowledge and skills reinforcement classroom lab in this block:

 200 Level SDM Assessment Knowledge and Skills Lab (revisions in progress, 5.15.19. vignettes, Trainer guide, ppt. genograms and ecomaps included in vignettes)

This skills lab provides an opportunity to deepen Structured Decision-Making assessment skills utilizing the SDM tools alongside vignettes to highlight the value of conducting a balanced and rigorous assessment. This training includes an end of block exam to evaluate knowledge gained through eLearning, classroom and field modules.