The Content Development Oversight Group (CDOG), is a subcommittee of the Statewide Training and Education Committee (STEC), which oversaw the development and implementation of the initial California Common Core Curricula revisions as well as other statewide training products. 

During their monthly conference calls and semi-annual in-person meetings, CDOG members:

  • discuss drafts,
  • approve final products,
  • plan Training for Trainers (T4Ts),
  • achieve consensus on decision items, and
  • make recommendations to the Directors and Champions. 

CDOG is comprised of:

  • representatives from the Regional Training Academies,
  • representatives from University Consortium for Children and Families, and
  • representatives from CDSS.

Its members may consult subject matter experts to review curriculum materials and provide recommendations about revisions of learning objectives and curriculum content. 


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